45th annual Buffalo Roundup

Taken from a S.D. Office of Tourism press release

PIERRE, S.D. – From five spared animals that once were nearly extinct to a substantial 1,300 head today, the collection of buffalo at Custer State Park has swelled to one of the largest publicly-owned herds in the world.

Gov. Mike Rounds invites you to catch a glimpse of those majestic beasts at the 45th Annual Buffalo Roundup in CusterState Park on Sept. 27.

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Huge tribal national park proposed

SIOUX FALLS (AP) — Thousands of acres taken from the Oglala Sioux Tribe nearly 70 years ago would be returned and managed as a tribal national park under a proposal from the National Park Service.

The change involves the 208 square-mile South Unit that’s part of Badlands National Park in southwest South Dakota.
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