A Legacy of Public Service

George McGovern influenced a generation of voters with his opposition to the Vietnam War and his commitment to liberal principles. In Mitchell, that legacy comes alive at the McGovern Legacy Museum.

Inside the McGovern Legacy Museum, all of those rich life experiences are vibrantly explained with the help of interactive audio and video displays narrated by McGovern himself, and with memorabilia from throughout McGovern’s life.

Among the highlights of the exhibit is a stylized version of McGovern’s 1972 campaign plane, the Dakota Queen II. Visitors can sit in one of the airplane seats and watch video clips from McGovern’s acceptance speech at the 1972 Democratic National Convention, where he gave his “Come Home, America” address. Politically minded tourists will delight in the campaign memorabilia and artifacts, including posters, photos, buttons and even shoe boxes full of note cards McGovern kept about the people he met on the campaign trail.

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