Sun and Rain Clouds Over Hills

History and genealogy researchers will find the Carnegie Resource Center a treasure trove of information about and photographs of families, businesses and happenings in the area from Mitchell’s beginning along the James River as Firesteel in 1879. Visitors can view diplomas, yearbooks, photos, and newspaper articles pertaining to the history of Mitchell’s public and parochial schools.

The huge dome of the CRC is adorned on its interior by the mural “Sun and Rain Clouds Over Hills,” by Oscar Howe, Yanktonai Sioux artist, who painted the mural in 1940 as a WPA project.  From 1948 through 1971, Howe designed the mural panels for the Corn Palace.

Also inside, the Clyde and Mary Goin Corn Palace Collection depicts the history of Mitchell’s three Corn Palaces.  Signed glossy photos by many of the famous performers at the Corn Palace, among them Bob Hope and Red Skelton, are displayed along with countless items of Corn Palace memorabilia.

Organizations and families can also schedule social events and meetings at the CRC.  Books, monographs, historic original postcards, CDs and DVDs are available for purchase.

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